Affordable finance for solar entrepreneurs in emerging countries through TRINE

We at TRINE ( are enabling solar entrepreneurs in emerging nations to scale their business and impact by providing affordable finance for their projects. We are currently working on our project pipeline for 2016, targeting projects in need for funding.

Here is what type of partners we are looking for:

  • Solar entrepreneur with more than 1 year experience in the field
  • using solar PV technology (pico systems, solar home systems or micro-grids, rural electrification - NO MW projects)
  • to help people living in energy poverty,
  • being able to show a tangible social impact (# of people “electrified”, # of kerosene lamps avoided, kWh produced, spending on kerosene avoided, in a rural setting)
  • and environmental impact (kg of CO2 avoided)

 Our financing for a stage 1 partnership is currently structured in the following way:

  • Financing per project: $20 000 - $100 000
  • Upfront success fee + interest on loan
  • Debt amortization time:  up to 5 years

 For more information about TRINE you can have a look at our attached partner document and our teaser video:

If you have projects that fit this profile and are in need of finance, there could be an opportunity to get project finance through our channel.

In that case please contact us under


Founder & COO, TRINE

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