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  • Dates:
  • Location (town/city/country & Map Link):
  • Contact person:
  • Organizations involved:
  • Sponsors:
  • Number and type(s) of lighting systems deployed:
  • Photos:
  • Project description and results:
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Topic: Charitable distribution of white LED lighting in remote villages

Location:  Guatemala

Scale: 700 homes in Bolivia, Guatemala, Pakistan, Peru

Organizations: Luxtreks (volunteer organization)

Dates: 2003

Sponsors: Donations


Website: Luxtreks [.pdf version]

Field Map Link

  • Project name: Quetsol pay-as-you-go pilot 
  • Dates: March 2013- August 2013
  • Location (town/city/country & Map Link): San Vicente, Alta Verrapaz, Guatemala
    • Contact person: Alex Place (me)
  • Organizations involved: Quetsol
  • Sponsors: n/a
  • Number and type(s) of lighting systems deployed: 50 Quetsol kit 1 have been deployed for the pilot.
  • Photos:
  • Project description and results: Quetsol is seeking to have systems with keypads. Customers buy day, weekly or monthly (12$) codes from small store. Then they punch the codes into their system and the system is functional for those days. This is a rental model which lowers customer's out of pocket expense, allows them to switch to bigger systems and comes with a full guarantee on service-- very hard as the communities are very off-grid and hard to get to. 
  • Links to other docs:

Project name:  Deploy new opportunities for socio-economic development through access to sustainable energy in the Central Plateau

Dates: 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2015 (August 2013)

Location (town/city/country & Map Link): Haiti, Département du Centre, Commune de Hinche (Haiti)

Contact person: Michele Magon / (on Luminanet: Nicola Baggio)

Organizations involved: ProgettoMondo Mlal – Climate and Development Foundation

Sponsors: European Union / Climate and Development Foundation / ProgettoMondo MLAL

Number and type(s) of lighting systems deployed: 180 Futura Energy Station – 60 Futura Lantern – 60 Fu Read ( )

Photos: - to be published soon!

Project description and results: Increase access to sustainable energy resources, with a dual purpose: on the one hand, the satisfaction of basic human needs of the poorest segments of population (part "Energy for Life"), and secondly, the launch of economic development process from activities related to agriculture (part "Energy for Development"). At the same time, the aim is to reduce the environmental impact of current energy model, and medium-term, stop and possibly reverse.

- Establishment of a plan for energy efficiency and sustainability of wood / energy sector in rural community of Hinche
- Dissemination of new technologies for cooking, at the domestic level and for community use, with local capacity building in the rural community of Hinche
- Program offers renewable and adapted to the needs of the population in the domestic energy sector, and utilities, with a microcredit system is distributed in the rural areas of Hinche
- Satisfy the energy needs of small farmers and local entrepreneurs

The target project area is located in the commune of Hinche, capital of the Central Department. The project will impact directly in rural areas with a population of about 75,000 people. The ultimate beneficiaries are the entire population of the town of Hinche, which will benefit from the dissemination of technological solutions and services developed by the project.


The solar lighting systems are part of the “Energy for Life” activities. The numbers of solar-lighting system are referred to a first installation currently in progress.

Project presentation photo

power to the music!

Installation in Haiti




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