Hi all,

Is anyone aware of any organizations that are successfully distributing solar home systems (SHS) or solar lanterns in Nigeria?  I'm looking for examples of successful business models there. 



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Hi Bryan,

I see that we have 11 members from Nigeria.  In addition to this post, you might touch base with them directly.

Ahh, I didn't realize that we could search members by country, great. Thanks Evan!


Yup - can search by many "keys".  Use the "Advanced Search" option in the Members area.

Hi Brian, I also keep some info here:

Hope it is a bit useful.

Thanks Yotam, should of known you would have a list!


My client give me a target price and solution ,we design the system for him now.

they will distribute the product to Nigeria.

Barefoot Power - is distributing in Nigeria through blue Ocean in lagos and Sosai in Kaduna , We have also got a representative over there- contact him via email- bioduno@barefootpower.com

Hi, Upez African Humanitarian Development Project's (NGO) based in Lagos will help in the Solar distribution, as we are doing renewable energy generation for Africa, we wish to partner with you on this distribution program. email us at ppaul_uahdp@yahoo.com, website:www.uahdp.yolasite.com Thanks. Paul Ezeka.

Dear Bryan,

Solarway has entered Nigeria with warehouse and retail set up on ground.

Could you please share more details to see if we can work together?


Provide and share additional details. Reach us through: info@OretronicsTechnology.com




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