3 New Podcast Episodes on Bottom of the Pyramid Solar

I posted a few episodes of my podcast "Entrepreneurs and Economic Development" Podcast on LuminaNet a few months ago and received some great feedback. Hopefully the community likes my recent content. I'm also now based out of Nairobi if anyone bases by on business and wants to grab a beer. 

Episode 6: Joshua Pierce – Off.Grid:Electric

Episode 8: Nate Heller – PEG Ghana

Episode 10: Jeroen Verschelling – Kamworks

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Comment by Evan Mills on April 3, 2015 at 4:56pm

Thanks Ryan!

Listened to Episode 6 so far and found it to be very astute. Joshua is very focused on the ball!

By the way, it would be helpful (if possible) to have a note below each item showing duration.



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