This page presents an initial draft of the country profile on Congo from the Off-Grid Lighting Assessment, a collaborative effort of the UNEP en.lighten initiative and the Lumina Project. This is one of 80 country profiles that estimate the savings potential and benefits of switching from fuel-based lighting to solar LED lanterns. For more information, please see the Overview and the assessment Methodology page. A list of all the countries profiled is provided on the Country Reports page. 

We are inviting LuminaNET members to review these initial draft reports, and post feedback under each relevant country profile including corrections, updated data, and impressions about the draft results. When posting comments or suggestions, please include supporting documentation (reports, spreadsheets, links, etc.) wherever possible. General comments on the project should be added to the Overview page and any technical comments about the model should be added to the Methodology page.

 A PDF copy of the report shown below is also available by clicking here: OGL_COG_v1.pdf. Thank you for your help and input to this review.

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$2.60/liter kerosene (black market) in 2012 !  See attached


The PDF I posted on June 13 also includes  also details on hurricane lantern prices, monthly expenditures, and other factoids that may be helpful.

This article

suggests that the effective price is 2x the value shown in the PDF




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