Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks to help members make the best use of LuminaNET:

  • Know the difference between Blogs, Groups, and Forums:
Each of these "channels" welcomes newcomers to the off-grid lighting community, as well as more experienced folk who can share stories tor answer questions.

  • Blogs: A blog post is insight or information that you would like to share with the community. A blog post isn't really the right place to post event announcements or two short sentences and a link off the site. Also note that newer blogs bump down the older ones.  We feature some blogs.  If you post multiple blogs at the same time, it’s likely that one at the most will be featured.
  • Forums: A forum post is appropriate to share a quick announcement, post a question to the community, or start a discussion about a particular topic. The forum posts work differently than the blogs. Every time there is a new answer, it brings the question back to the top of the front page. That means that before you create a new forum post, it's a good idea to see if someone already has created a related topic that you can jump in on and add on. This keeps discussions building and growing instead of fragmenting.
  • Groups: The groups are a great place for niche questions that you think only a small subset of the LuminaNET population would be interested in, or to work on specific problems with a targeted group instead of the crowd. Any member can start a new group (or participate in an existing one).  Posts also show up in the "Latest Activity" panel on the homepage. If someone has already created a group for your interest - it's a lot better to jump into an active group and start a discussion than start a new one and not have the people and content to support it. You do not to join a group to read its posts.

  • Did you know that you have your own web page on LuminaNET?: Every member has their own page where they can create a profile, run their own blog, and automatically collect all their posts in one spot.  Just click on Members > My Page to get there.

  • Make the best use of your profile photo:  We feature members who post or comment, but only if they have a profile photo.  Also keep in mind that commercial profile photos (products, logos, etc) are not allowed - see member guidelines for more details on appropriate commercialism within LuminaNET.

  • Find members: You can use the “Advanced Search” to locate members by name, organization, country, region, etc.
  • Control your email: Getting too many emails (or not enough!) from LuminaNET?  We let you control exactly which emails you want.  A good minimal setting is to be notified if someone comments on your post, but you can add other types of alerts if you want.  To adjust settings, just click on the “Settings” link in the box in the upper right-hand corner of the page while logged in.
  • Using Chat: There are two ways to use Chat on LuminaNET. The Members Online tab will show you who’s around. Person-to-person messages can be exchanged by clicking on a member’s name and selecting “start chat” from the dropdown, while the Main Room tab can be used for open conversations between one or more people.
  • Promote your Event: Have an upcoming event (conference, workshop, etc.) that you’d like to promote?  Use our Events tool to make LuminaNET members aware of the occasion.
  • Promote your business: Have a product or service or job opening that you want LuminaNET members to know about.  Posting in our Marketplace makes it easy to get visibility for your information.
  • Share your field project results: Are you deploying off-grid lighting solutions in the field, or interested in the results others are getting from doing so?  Tell us about your field projects by adding a brief case study to our Field Projects database.



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