Our organization is planning on doing a solar home lighting distribution for a village in Bihar India that doesn't have grid access.  This is the second village we will be working with and presently we are planning on using the same Luminous SHL 10 systems we did last time.  

Over the past 6 months enough units have required servicing that we decided to consider other options. One caveat being that we prefer to use a supplier in Bihar because that help us negotiate our service agreements and ensures the villages we work with get consistent long term support.  

That being said we would definitely be interested in finding a better built system if we can find one in country.  Our biggest issue being the battery quality (sealed gel in this case) and the over all durability of the power supply housing and basic circuitry inside.  These are the 2 areas where we would like to see improvement.

In the long term our organization has plans to design and build our own solar home lighting system but in the short term we are looking to find the best possible system.  So far the Luminous systems have been adequate but if we can find something better we would certainly be interested.  

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