Pocketlight by O'SUN®

Designed to go anywhere, Pocketlight is an affordable, multi-situation and compact solar lamp that have been designed to meet various needs and improve the daily life of people. In the developing countries it can be used by people who don't have access to electricity and thus help them break use of hazardous, expensive and polluting light sources. At the same time it also suits the urban households in the developed countries, who want an easy to carry, versatile and modern light for their homes and outdoor activities. The « Pocketability » and simplicity of use makes it a useful task light in any situation.It provides more than 30 hours of LED light and it can be used as a torch, lantern, desk lamp and ambient light. These features make it a useful light in any situation, perfect for camping or hiking, emergency breakdowns, load shedding, outdoor walks or simply as a reading lamp.

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