Pico solar for humanitarian and disaster relief

Last month Lighting Global published another article in our Technical Notes series focused on procurement efforts for pico-solar products. The Note has a strong focus on avoiding proscriptive solutions for bulk purchases, choosing instead to provide advice on system components so that organizations can make decisions that best suit the particular needs of their individual programs.  The Note is intended for any bulk procurement effort but we tried to keep a firm eye on humanitarian relief efforts associated with acute crisis events like the recent earthquake

This is the press release:

Procurement of Off-grid Lighting Products – Guidance for Aid Organizations and Governments

Lighting Global has published "Technical Note Issue 20: Procurement of Off-grid Lighting Products – Guidance for Aid Organizations and Governments". This Technical Note covers key aspects of product performance with a focus on issues related to humanitarian relief efforts. Given the varying needs of end users in different cultural and environmental contexts, the Note does not attempt to provide specific procurement requirements. Rather, the intent is to give organizations guidance as they work to develop their own specifications to match end users with products that provide necessary lighting and energy services. The Lighting Global Quality Test Method is used as a primary support mechanism to help institutional buyers understand product quality and performance, and formulate an appropriate specification. 
Lighting Global thanks the team led by Richenda van Leeuwen at the United Nations Foundation for their support of our efforts to engage with stakeholders from the humanitarian sector. We also thank three expert reviewers for their input on a prior draft of this Technical Note.


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Comment by Evan Mills on May 1, 2015 at 9:40pm

Perhaps this is of use:

Mills, E. 2003. "The Role of High-Efficiency Lighting Systems in Meeting Humanitarian Needs in Camps for Refugees and Internally Displaced People." [PDF]



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