# it takes - PROPOSAL (draft) for ending ENERGY POVERTY in rural Ethiopia Dishing out free-lunch, or a well deserved compensation?

# it takes
Dishing out free-lunch, or a well deserved compensation?

Please read carefully and comment the draft proposal. Your inputs may be of help. Thank you.

PROPOSAL (draft)

 for ending  ENERGY POVERTY   in  ETHIOPIA



Practical and convenient way to fight ENERGY POVERTY     

(work-in-progress, needing inputs and contributions by anyone interested. Thank you.) 


Is it bold and crazy (innovative) enough?

 Is it fair to plan 156 billion $ for the grid, and far less than 1% for the rest > 80% (off-grid ) of Ethiopia’s  > 90 million inhabitants?

No wonder then the massive exodus to cities and dangerous migration abroad, especially of young women living in extreme poverty.

Kindest regards, 

Salvatore Chester                                                                                                       

Tsere lamba – solar energy (initiative)


 (Addis Ababa, 02.12.2013)


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Comment by Sridhar Ponugupati on December 7, 2013 at 12:30pm

You may even think of adding Community Solar Water Pumping and UV water purification systems as i see that Drinking water availability is a major concern in Ethiopia and women, children spend almost 10% of their time for accessing fresh water. 

Comment by Sridhar Ponugupati on December 7, 2013 at 12:19pm

Quite an Interesting proposal.

Here are some inputs:

In Conclusions, appropriate Technology; including a fixed SHS and one Lantern makes more sense to give the feel of grid to people though this combination costs around 70 - 80 USD. This can enable people to run Fans and small heating coils if required when they can afford.

I feel, some sort for payback methodology / scheme / policy to be proposed so as to handle the after sale service, long term maintenance of the products, replacement of batteries of the products supplied to the Energy poor. This will also boost the employment opportunities and servicing can be a whole organisation by itself with sustainability. Including some numbers on this would make it more appealing.

Adoption of Innovative Information Technology can be used to monitor the entire life cycle of supply, Deployment usage and Servicing can be proposed. This can help achieve carbon credits easily apart from understanding the real impact of the program.

Hope these inputs help you.


Comment by Salvatore Chester on December 6, 2013 at 11:18pm

You are welcome to join and share Talk Energy Ahead (TEA-Ethiopia)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEA.ethiopia/



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